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Thursday, August 21, 2014

[Citizen Journalist News] Indicted Rick Perry Returns Fire on Democrats,...

Steve Russo
Steve Russo 10:13pm Aug 20
Indicted Rick Perry Returns Fire on Democrats, Laying Them Totally to Waste! (Excellent Ad)

I'm not the biggest Rick Perry fan, he has some social policies I really don't care for and even drifts into RINO land every once in awhile, but I will defend anyone that has been slandered and wrongfully accused of something for political gain and to silence what Democrats deem as a threat to their power.

The leftists infesting the Travis County, Texas DA's office have gotten away with abuse of power before, most famously when Ronnie Earle destroyed Tom DeLay's career by bringing bogus corruption charges.

But they bit off more than they could chew by indicting Rick Perry for his effort to pressure the disgracefully drunken current DA Rosemary Lehmberg to resign. In stark contrast to the behavior we have come to expect from Republicans lately, Governor Perry did not slink away from the attack like a whipped dog, by rather has turned the affair right around and is smacking Democrats in the face with it! Job well done Gov Perry and fight them all, to the bitter end!

~ And just so you know.... Her liquor receipts would seem to confirm that this woman has a serious problem.

From K-EYE news:
From January 2012 to April 2013 — 15 months — Lehmberg made 59 purchases of alcohol at various Twin Liquors stores, a rate of nearly one purchase a week.

She bought 76 bottles of alcohol. According to the receipts, Lehmberg prefers Ciroc vodka. Lehmberg routinely purchased 1.75 liter bottles of vodka, at a price of nearly $60 each. On occasions, she bought more than one 1.75 liter bottle of Ciroc at a time.

Those 76 bottles add up to 24.7 gallons of alcohol purchased over 15 months. The last purchase in the KEYE-compiled list was on April 2, 2013 — 10 days before her arrest for drunk driving, and the subsequent attempt to abuse her power by trying to intimidate the officers who processed her in jail. Lehmberg purchased vodka on that day. An open bottle of vodka was found in her car during her arrest.

~ And in other related news, just a year ago....

An assistant district attorney in Travis County is facing a drunken driving charge following a crash Sunday afternoon in Southwest Austin, according to a search warrant affidavit.

Brandon Grunewald, 33, is facing the charge after he was questioned by police in a crash that occurred along the southbound MoPac Boulevard (Loop 1) service road near Barton Skyway around 3:30 p.m. Sunday, the affidavit said.

Grunewald told police he was driving his Land Rover along the service road when he struck the rear of a Mini Cooper that had come to a stop, the affidavit said.

Grunewald appeared to have a strong smell of alcohol, slurred speech and was swaying, the affidavit said. Police also believed Grunewald was lying, but did not specify about what, according to the affidavit.

Grunewald did not produce his license and insurance when a police officer first asked for it, it said.

"He fumbled around looking for it and never produced it" until an officer asked again, the affidavit said. And "he continually asked to walk away while (the officer) was speaking with him."

District Attorney Rosemary Lehmberg issued a written statement through a spokesman Tuesday saying that her office doesn't usually fire employees for a first-time DWI offense and that she will wait until "all the facts are known" before making any final decisions. (Of course not!)

~ And for the record, The Special Prosecutor Who Indicted Rick Perry Has Been Accused Of Misconduct In The Past...

One of San Antonio's best-known defense attorneys was accused by the Bexar County district attorney's office this week of instructing a subpoenaed witness to "get lost for awhile" to avoid testifying in his client's intoxication manslaughter trial. He was also considered on the "short list" to be an Obama appointee. So that should give you a good idea of what's going on here.

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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Obama's professional race baiters in Ferguson, mO

When you can't say it any better, let them say it for you, Alexander

Click on th elink for commentary about Ferguson, MO and the dem race baiters
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An intelligent, well spoken, educated black speaks truth to black america

Sometimes the truth comes out of unexpected places but dems, liberals in general, and socialists will ignore it because it undermines their agenda. Shame more blacks will not see this and understand this man speaks the truth. The race baiter blacks will call this man an Uncle Tom or some other perjorative because they cannot stand this sort of truth to come out. Dr. Carson should be using this video prolifically as should Tom Cotton in ARKansas.

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Guess who is funding the group indicting Gov Perry

When it comes to politics there’s everywhere else and then there’s Texas.
Texas has a special kind of way about handling things.
For instance if you call for a District Attorney’s resignation because she was arrested with an open bottle of vodka in her car with a blood alcohol level of .239 percent, and she was belligerent with her arresting officers. Then the Governor veto’s your funding, because you wouldn’t resign. Then you file felony charges against him.
THAT’S Texas Politics.
Well look at this. Guess who funded the “Texans For Public Justice” who brought the charges against Gov. Perry?
George Soros. Oh yeah, that guy.
From Newsbusters
Sometimes it seems like there isn’t a single political issue that a Soros-funded group isn’t involved in. Texans for Public Justice, one of the groups behind Rick Perry’s indictment charges, is part of a “progressive” coalition that has received $500,000 from liberal billionaire George Soros.
[...]According to an Open Society Institute press release, OSI has given $500,000 to help form a coalition that “could change the way the progressive community engages public policy in Texas.” Besides Texans for Public Justice, this coalition includes Texans Together, the Sierra Club, Texas Legal Services, La Fe Policy Research and Education Center, Public Citizen, and the Center for Public Policy.
By most projections Perry will be acquitted of all charges.
So when do you think Harry Reid will be calling this guy out? Don’t hold your breath.

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ISIS beheads a journalist and Obama vacations, just another day

As Our Semi-Retired President Heads Back To His Vacation, ISIS Beheads An American Journalist and Brags About Their 80,000 Jihadist Army (and Growing) and Vows To Cover America In Blood!

No problems here to report on! Everything is just swell in utopia. Riots, Gaza, ISIS, Iran, Unprotected Border, $17.6 trillion is debt.... everything is wonderful! For some unknown reason Dear Leader flew back to Stalingrad D.C. (at a cost of around $270,000 each way) for two days to give a brief press conference (that he was once again 27 minutes late for, surprise) and then remained virtually in hiding for 48 hours, then got back on Air-Force One and headed back to the golf course. Very bizarre behavior from our Imperial President. Think of how Obama must be seething inside that the violence in Ferguson remains localized and has not yet set the nation aflame.

Next time, try saving tax payers $600,000 and stay on vacation. Actually, I wish he would go back to Hawaii and remain there for the next two years. He would save tax payers around $30 million in travel cost between the vacations and fund raising trips. But that will never happen, because Obama actually believes that the pain he's causing America is for our own good. Typical self importance for a narcissist.

Alright everyone.... follow along with the Obama narrative...

ISIS' a JV team
Ferguson's just a few bad boys and a town filled with racist cops
Putin's not a threat, Russia's an ally
The Border is safer than it's been in twenty years
People love Obamacare
The IRS was just two rouge agents in Cincinnati and the computers really did crash
Hamas are freedom fighters and Israel is a bully that needs to show more restraint
Global whatever it is this week is a "Settled Science"
The economy is getting better
Benghazi was just the result of a few upset movie critics... you get the idea!

Whatever was reality is now just backwards. Up is down, right is wrong and there's no difference between good and evil. This is the new norm courtesy of Obama's vision for America and the world. So let's take another look from Obama's idea of a JV team that is growing stronger by the hour and now threatening us.

1. ISIS Nazi Savage With A British Accent Beheads American Journalist James Foley....
They are also vowing to behead a second American journalist, Steven Sotloff, unless Obama calls off airstrikes. Obama really needs to quadruple the airstrikes. But since it's Obama, I'm sure he send a strongly worded hashtag!

To see for yourself, click HERE (WARNING: Graphic)

2. Islamic State Vows To “Break The American Cross”…
Nothing to worry about, they are just a JV team according to Obama. The video with the theme “breaking of the American cross” boasts Islamic State will emerge victorious over “crusader” America. It follows a video posted on Monday warning of attacks on American targets if Washington struck against its fighters in Iraq and Syria.

3. ISIS Now Has Army of More Than 80,000 Jihadists In Syria And Iraq, Recruited 6,000 Fighters Last Month Alone…
The Islamic State group has an army of more than 50,000 fighters in Syria and 30,000 in Iraq and recruited 6,000 people in the last month, a monitoring group has said. ISIS is successfully recruiting because they promise the wealth and loot to their fighters from the people and towns they rape and pillage, just like Muhammad did and it's very similar to the Left's income redistribution scheme, except ISIS is free from any bureaucracy.

4. Islamic State Still Burying Yazidis Alive, One Woman Tied To A Car And Split In Two…
“They tied the hands of one woman to the back of a car and her legs to another car and they split her into two,” a 22 year-old student said beside makeshift tents as women cried.
What's interesting is, These savages have every intention of coming here (I believe they are already in this country) and out doing al-Qaeda, yet 51% of Americans shrug with utter indifference about them, instead getting worked up about the latest criminal druggie who got taken down by a police officer or law-abiding Hispanic citizen. That's what bothers them.

5. Islamic State Warns America: “We Will Drown All Of You In Blood”…
The video, which shows a photograph of an American who was beheaded during the U.S. occupation of Iraq and victims of snipers, featured a statement which said in English “we will drown all of you in blood”. Put up or shut up savages!

6. ISIS Cutting Wedding rings off fingers, bibles burned. Chaldean Catholics Remain Faithful...
Yes, this is why we call them Islamo NAZI savages!

7. Islamic State Forcefully Circumcises Assyrian Christian Men In Mosul…
Only a Muslim would think the status of your genitalia is actually their business. A deranged, psychotic, and perverse religion.

8. Islamic State: 45 Churches Converted Into Mosques Or Destroyed In Mosul Alone…
More interfaith outreach from the Religion of Peace as they try to "Coexist" with other faiths! Ummm, not gonna happen!

9. Exiled Catholic Archbishop of Mosul says, “Our sufferings today are the prelude of those that you, Europeans and Western Christians, will also suffer in the near future”...
Amel Shimoun Nona, the Chaldean Catholic archbishop of Mosul, who is now living in exile, warned that his diocese is now run by radical Muslims and that “liberal and democratic principles are worth nothing here,” adding that “Islam does not say that all men are equal,” and if Westerners “do not understand this soon enough, you will become the victims of the enemy you have welcomed into your nations.”

10. Islamic State Jihadists Encourage Ferguson Rioters, Protester Seen Holding “ISIS Here” Sign…
ISIS militants and their supporters are using social media to encourage protesters in Ferguson to embrace radical Islam and fight against the U.S. government. Nothing like using a race riot to urge idiots to join the Religion of Peace. But why not, they follow Jesse jackass and Al "Not-So" Shrapton.

11. French Poll: 16% of French Citizens Say They Have a FAVORABLE Opinion of ISIS…
Which comes out to just over 10 million people. If I remember right, there were just as many French that had a favorable opinion of Hitler and the Nazi's before they marched through the streets of Paris. Also considering that France has Europe’s largest Muslim population as of this month, I’m guessing that is no coincidence.

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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Dem integrity, ethics, and honesty in the MSM

The liberal media are so desperate to protect liberal politicians that they’re shamelessly covering up one of the biggest scandals to rock New York state in years.
As the Media Research Center has exclusively reported: “It has been over three weeks since The New York Times published a front-page investigation unmasking the actions of New York Governor Andrew Cuomo (D) shuttering an anti-corruption commission.”
“In reaction, the U.S. Attorney has now begun investigating Cuomo’s administration for possible ‘witness tampering and obstruction of justice…’”
MRC’s exclusive reporting and analysis shows that  there was 150 times more coverage of  Chris Christie’s “Bridgegate” in a single day than CNN’s entire coverage of the Cuomo investigation in the first three weeks after the story broke!
Could that have something to do with the fact that CNN’s New Day anchor, Chris Cuomo, is Andrew Cuomo’s brother? Nah! Definitely not.
Cue sarcasm: we know that if a Fox News anchor was related to a conservative governor investigated for corruption, leftist journalists wouldn’t be screaming bloody murder about a blatant conflict of interest.
This goes to show just how thoroughly hypocritical the liberal media are. Help us expose the hypocrisy and the double standard by sharing this shocking MRC exclusive report with your friends and family.
We know the so-called “news” media are committed to whitewashing liberal scandals. We know that they are unabashed left-wing zealots and chief propagandists for the Obama administration.
But the cover-up of the Andrew Cuomo corruption scandal just may be a new low for journalism.
If you haven’t already done so, please take a moment to sign our Tell the Truth!” 2014 petition to let the media know just how strongly you feel about their blatant refusal to act like journalists and instead serve as the propaganda arm of the Left. Then send a link to the petition to your friends.
One of the most popular left-wing politicians and a potential 2016 presidential candidate is embroiled in a major scandal, but the media are not the least bit interested. Why? Because he is one of their own. A political ally. This proves, once and for all, that the “news” media are dishonest propagandists, not objective journalists.
They think they can get away with it. But they’re not counting on our 630,000 grassroots army to fight back. So please do your part and help us humiliate the liberal media by exposing their inexcusable cover up of a major scandal.
Thank you.


The MRC Action Team

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Jihadists fear death by females which would keep them out of heaven

Girl Power! Picture / Story Of 4 Cute Israeli Female Soliders Who Went Into Gaza and Kurds Sending All-Female Units To Battle ISIS: “Jihadists Think If They’re Killed By A Female They Won’t Go To Heaven” Ha! Islamo Nazi's are going straight to hell no matter who kills them!

God Bless the IDF! Female IDF paramedics' fight for life..

The resuscitation attempts inside moving tanks, the ceaseless shooting, the burnt aroma in the air – four paramedics, some of the only women who served in Gaza for a long period of time, tell of days filled with pain and pride.,7340,L-4559453,00.html

And, Last week, the PKK’s Syrian-based units advanced into Iraq and punctured Islamic State lines to help tens of thousands of Yazidis escape an encircled Mount Sinjar. [...]

Syrian commanders say the security and quality of life is improving as their guerrilla forces expand rapidly, propelled by thousands of young volunteers. Recruitment is boosted by the deployment of women soldiers on the front line, often in all-female units.

“The jihadists don’t like fighting women, because if they’re killed by a female, they think they won’t go to heaven,” said one female fighter.

News Flash for the Islamo Nazi''re not going to heaven either way. Ladies, kill them all!

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Gov. Perry indicted for having more integrity than the head of the State Integrity Unit

This blogger did not and is very unlikely to vote for Perry for President as I don't see him as smart enough nor quite as actually conservative as I wish for a president to be. However, just as the dems went after Delay on bogus charges for which he was exonerated, they are going after Perry for doing what he said he'd do, and quite frankly so would have I. The head of the state integrity unit actually needs to have ethics and integrity which, after spending time in the caboose for drunken driving, she showed she lacked. This is very typical democrat/socialist behavior right out of the book on how to destroy your opponents. I expect Perry to beat this easily.

Rick Perry Indicted for Having Integrity

By Craig Andresen on August 19, 2014 at 4:24 am

fart 1Everything is bigger in Texas…even the brain farts.
Honestly, I don’t quite know how else to explain what is happening in Texas with the indictment of Governor Rick Perry.
It’s nothing short of a MASSIVE liberal brain fart.
They have indicted Perry for what? A VETO? He vetoed a bill which would have funded the Texas ethics watchdog, the Public Integrity Unit under the “leadership” of one Travis County District Attorney Rosemary Lehmberg.
According to the Travis County Texas grand jury, Perry ABUSED his power as the Governor by first THREATENING to use his veto to defund the unit and then…by actually DOING what he SAID he would do.
Here’s the crux of it all…
Travis County DA Rosemary Lehmberg, a liberal elected official was in charge of the INTEGRITY unit when she got pulled over for…DRIVING DRUNK last year. That’s right…the very person who was in charge of making sure that the INTEGRITY of Texas politics was up to par was driving drunk. She got arrested and tossed into the drunk tank to dry out where she, Rosemary Lehmberg, got belligerent with the local law enforcement folks.
She pitched quite the fit because, it seems, Lehmberg didn’t seem to think SHE should be treated just like every OTHER drunk on the road.
SHE, in what little was left of her mind, figured SHE was SPECIAL. Well, here…see for yourself…

So…was Rosemary Lehmberg, the DA who headed the Texas Public Integrity Unit DRUNK on the night in question? Did the cops act in an ethical manner?
Once again…YOU be the judge…
The woman was staggering all over the place, couldn’t or WOULDN’T follow the instructions given to her by the officer and…she had been driving erratically, in the BIKE lane not to MENTION…going SOUTH in the NORTHBOUND lane.
It’s a wonder that the head of the Texas Public Integrity Unit didn’t kill somebody that night and, after putting on a show at the county lockup, Rosemary Lehmberg eventually…PLEADED GUILTY to the charge of driving drunk.
In light of that, Governor Perry asked Lehmberg to resign her position and she…refused.PERRY 1
The Governor than made it very public that unless Lehmberg resigned, he would veto the bill which funded the Public Integrity Unit and when the admittedly drunk Lehmberg STILL refused to do so, because apparently she felt that even though she pled guilty to FELONY DRUNK DRIVING…SHE was the only person capable of making sure that Texas politics continued to conduct itself WITH integrity…Perry followed through, broke out his veto pen and did away with the $7.5 million dollar funding for the unit.
According to Mary Anne Wiley, general counsel for Governor Rick Perry, “The veto in question was made in accordance with the veto authority afforded to every governor under the Texas Constitution.”
So…Travis County Texas convened a grand jury, spent MONTHS and an untold amount of money to investigate the Governor’s veto and, last week, INDICTED him for ABUSE of power.
Somebody correct me if I’m wrong here but…if the Texas Legislature didn’t see it the same way Governor Perry saw it…if THEY wanted that Public Integrity Unit FUNDED…couldn’t they have voted to OVERRIDE the Governor’s veto?
Of course they could but, they didn’t. Which means the FINAL word on the issue came from the state LEGISLATURE and not the GOVERNOR PERRY 2but…liberals being liberals and this brain fart being big enough to be seen from space, they indicted Governor Perry essentially for nothing more than keeping a self-admitted drunk from heading up the very unit charged with keeping the government’s integrity intact.
Yesterday, acting WITH integrity, Governor Rick Perry turned himself in,was finger printed and got his mugshot taken as he prepares to stand trial and defend HIS integrity against what can ONLY be described as a DESPERATE attempt to discredit him by liberals.
It’s going to backfire…big time.
Liberals in Texas and around the country are all bent because Perry is doing, along his state’s border with Mexico, what the Obama regime REFUSES to do. He’s activated his state’s National Guard to assist in patrolling that border.
Last month, when Obama went to Texas, he REFUSED to even VISIT the border and only begrudgingly agreed to MEET with Governor Perry PERRY 3and AT that meeting, reportedly…OBAMA laughed all the way THROUGH it.
Governor Perry was not amused.
While the Dictator was raising funds for the furtherance of national socialism, Governor Perry was raising awareness of the national security issue on the border, Obama’s unlawful actions regarding border security and his own standing on the national stage with but two years to go before the next presidential election.
Perry made an ASS of Obama…not that Obama needs assistance in that department and liberals became terrified of the prospect…so much so that they decided they needed to take Perry down a few notches.
Because Governor Perry refused to allow his state’s equivalent of Ted Kennedy in drag continue to oversee the integrity of his state’s political system, they assembled a grand jury and indicted him for it.
That last statement will no doubt bunch up liberal panties everywhere but, it is accurate.
Ted Kennedy got drunk, drove off a bridge and DID kill somebody… Mary Jo Kopechne…fled the scene and didn’t turn himself in until he had sobered up and then went on to be seen as the defacto leader of the senate and was, in the mid 90’s,  CLEARED of sexual harassment and drugPERRY 4 related allegations by none other than the SENATE ETHICS COMMITTEE who then, labeled the man who wrote the book and had taped interviews with the women who swore to those allegations, Richard E. Burke, a liar.
The only difference between the drunk driving of Kennedy and Lehmberg is that Lehmberg didn’t kill anyone so, I’ll stand by the comparison.
So, how devastating is the Travis County grand jury’s indictment of Governor Rick Perry?
Grand juries are run by a prosecutor,(maybe one with an ax to grind?) have no judge and do not require a unanimous decision to indict nor do they decide anyone’s guilt or innocence. THAT is left to a REAL court with a judge and jury so…not very and…
Back in 1985, Sol Wachtler, a liberal and former chief judge of New York’s court of appeals and a man who was arrested and convicted on  charges including extortion, racketeering, and blackmail., and now holds the position of Adjunct Professor at Touro Law School and Chair of the Law and Psychiatry Institute of North Shore Long Island Jewish Hospital told the Daily News that prosecutors have so much sway over grand juries they could get them to “indict a ham sandwich.”
Governor Rick Perry, based on the Texas State Constitution and the authority it provides was well within his right to proceed with the veto in question and should have no trouble beating this bogus rap.
When he does, and I believe he will, Perry’s position on the national political stage will increase to an even higher standing than before this absurd and desperate move by the liberal character assassination machine

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Saturday, August 16, 2014

The Giver, Movie Reviews

This blogger went to see this movie on opening day/ It was a moving experience. Frankly, I was a bit surprised at a couple of the actors in major roles as I did not think they'd really appreciate the theme and lesson of this movie. It is an incredible  indictment of political correctness and socialism in all its forms. From a religious point of view, it also condemns Islam though never mentioning it by name. I'd heard several media types suggest going to see it and am glad I did. Doubt it'll win any academy awards though as the not entirely subtle message is socialism in its extremes is just as evil a form as anything we can experience.
To remove all emotion, the rewards of love, and individual achievement in the name of equality is the overall goal of political correctness. Equality is not to be achieved by political means, in fact is very likely impossible to achieve by any means, but individual excellence can be the sources of great joy, love, the way out of poverty by individuals and nations, and every great scientific achievement of the past several thousand years came from individual effort and excellence. Socialism is a poverty of mind, soul, as well as monetary policy. But such is the goal of the left thus the sickness of the democrat party and its adherents.
The Giver

Posted: 15 Aug 2014 08:58 PM PDT

Starring: Brenton Thwaites, Jeff Bridges,
Meryl Streep, Katie Holmes, Odeya Rush,
 Alexander Skarsgard, and Taylor Swift.
Most student in the past decade has read The Giver. For some, reading the book was just another assignment. For others, once they began reading, they couldn't put it down. The Giver is about a young man named Jonas who lives in a future dystopian America where "Sameness" is the law and emotions have been eradicated. Jonas has been given the daunting task of taking on all the memories from the past and while doing so, begins to see through the veil of "Sameness". Not only does he begin to feel, he begins to see that there is a ne ed for a rebellion against the State.

A few reviews:
"The Giver will go down as one of the turning points in our ongoing efforts to protect the most vulnerable in our society. This movie beautifully articulates the dignity of the gift of life. Our pro-life generation has grown up reading The Giver; now we have the chance to experience it and share its inspiring themes with our friends and families. It's my hope that The Giver inspires this generation to take a courageous stand like Jonas." ~ Kristan Hawkins, President, Students for Life of America

"The Giver is as thought-provoking as it is inspiring. It gently prods us to think anew about life, freedom, and what kind of society would really meet our heart's desire." ~ Ambassador Mary Ann Glendon, Former United States Ambassador to the Holy See

"The Giver is a powerful, provocative and thought-provoking movie that provides a beautiful message about the power of love and the unique value of every human life. This beautiful depiction of the enduring nature of human dignity inspired me. This is the don't-miss-it movie of the summer." ~ Charmaine Yoest, President & CEO, Americans United for Life

"No movie, in my memory, involves a more explicit depiction of infanticide, conducted at the Nurturing Center by Jonas's father with a horrifying cheerfulness. 'They hadn't eliminated murder,' Jonas realizes, 'they had brought it home. They had just called it by a different name.'" ~ Michael Gerson, The Washington Post

In practice, the push for "equal rights" becomes "equal outcomes," as with the class-war "99 percent" movement and failed war on poverty's efforts to redistribute wealth. Personal choice is regulated in the name of "global warming", national identity is undermined, and race is being exploited in the name of equality. It's not hard to see why in this idealized world, you can't see color-everything is torn down to sameness in the name of "equality." This egalitarian message demonstrates the exact kind of thinking that would lead to the creation of a community like in The Giver. ​When a society pushes for everything to be the same, people lose their power of will and choice. The liberal fantasy world where the government has the power to equalize everyone is also the fantasy world where government has the power to remove all choice." ~ By Brad Tidwell, Americans for Limited Government

The Giver opens in theaters on August 15th.

The Pope VS Chris Matthews

I have no idea as to the authenticity or to the origin of this fwdd email info. If it is authentic I would think everyone in America would be very interested in reading it and even seeing the alleged interview!  Maybe someone out there can shed some light on it for me.  True, false, or manufactured baloney?
---------- Forwarded message ----------



Whether you are a Catholic or not - you will appreciate and understand Pope Francis and the message of this interview.
Chris Mathews interview with Cardinal Bergoglio before he became Pope Francis.
This POPE hit the nail on the head about the Left and really put it to Chris Mathews. The last 1/3 or so of this interview destroys Chris Mathews......God has indeed provided a very wise and genuine Pope.
This is a WOW of an interview with the New Pope and MSNBC's Chris Mathews!!  We understand his message.

He lived under Pres. Juan Peron, Argentina 's dictator, and he understands the brainwashing of absolute rule, corruption, and poverty.

An interview between Chris Mathews and Cardinal Bergoglio, prior to the recent conclave to select a new Pope.  Was never aired; if you read it you can see why. Well worth 4-5 minutes to read.
When Chris Mathews loses, he quits, read on…

Regardless of your religious preference, please read this in its entirety . This Pope is a breath of fresh air !
Read to the end: very enlightening, clear understanding of social justice.

An interview prior to the recent conclave


MATHEWS: Welcome Cardinal.

BERGOGLIO: Thank you. Happy to speak with you.

MATHEWS: Well, let me get into it directly. Last conclave, you were almost elected Pope. Can this happen again?

BERGOGLIO: What? That I will almost be the Pope, again?

MATHEWS: No. Will you be the next Pope?

BERGOGLIO: Friend, I'm only jesting with you. I understand the question. I will not be the next Pope

MATHEWS: Why not?

BERGOGLIO: I chose not to. God has someone else in mind I'm certain.

MATHEWS: But you would take the job if it were offered.

BERGOGLIO: I think not.

MATHEWS: Why not.

BERGOGLIO: I believe I'm too embroiled in the secular fiasco. It is a spiritual job and I'm a soldier. Look at the nature of power. In Europe first and now in America , elected men have taken it upon themselves to indebt their people to create an atmosphere of dependency. And why? For their own selfish need to increase their own personal power. I've been a keen observer of the effect this has on the people, especially the poor. They are very good at creating poverty where there is no reason to explain it. My job is to try to alleviate poverty, and if that means to oppose the cause then I will not be Pope.

MATHEWS: But you are worried you would be a spendthrift pope?

BERGOGLIO: Friend. Where did you go to school?

MATHEWS: La Salle College High School in Pennsylvania and.

BERGOGLIO: And after that?

MATHEWS: College of the Holy Cross.

BERGOGLIO: They told me you were Catholic. Once elected, the Pope is by virtue of the promise of Jesus to Peter, the Pope is preserved from the possibility of error. God would change any spendthrift politician into a responsible Pope. I'm just saying I'm not that man.

MATHEWS: So what is your job?

BERGOGLIO: My job is to ask you why are men creating poverty?

MATHEWS: What do you mean?

BERGOGLIO: I mean that poverty is part of the natural condition and that is bad enough. But my task is to prevent the aggravation of this condition. The ideology that adds to the poverty must be denounced. I have and this is the reason I will not be Pope. I have a saying for myself, No more poverty than God originally intended in the fall from Grace.?


BERGOGLIO: It is a spiritual choice and I'm a political person. I'm sorry. I know you will make more money from this interview if I'm Pope. Or want to be Pope. But I'm sorry. I can't help you. God has already chosen someone anyway. Right? You learned this in school?

MATHEWS: Yes. Well? Where are you on the issues that matter most, issues about contraception, women priests?

BERGOGLIO: This might be a surprise to you, but I am Catholic. We are Catholic. It isn't an issue and for you to pretend that it is being debated goes against God.

MATHEWS: If you were Pope then you would not change anything.

BERGOGLIO: Certainly God would direct the new Pope to have more compassion for these newly created poor. And if there is any social justice in the Church, the new Pope would have a stern word for the creators of the new situation.

MATHEWS: But you are staunchly orthodox on the issues of abortion, contraception, and same-sex marriage.

BERGOGLIO: I am Catholic.

MATHEWS: You were punished for opposed same-sex marriage in Argentina . You opposed free contraception and the government exiled you. What do you have to say about that?

BERGOGLIO: I am Catholic.

MATHEWS: In the secular world, as you say, you follow the conservative line. You oppose, uh, same-sex marriages, very popular with young people. You are conservative on birth control. Won't that be the doom of the Church, alienating young people who support reality-based faith?

BERGOGLIO: Since God created the world, he also created reality. You seem to be arguing that a man can't be Catholic in reality. Son, you are a Catholic?

MATHEWS: Yes, of course. I meant no disrespect.

BERGOGLIO: You don't have to worry about offending me.

MATHEWS: Okay, good. Can a, uh, Pope even be elected if he is pro-choice or pro-love? I mean isn't the election sort of fixed in favor of anti-abortion and anti-gay marriage?

BERGOGLIO: Yes, the election is fixed by God.

MATHEWS: Very witty.

BERGOGLIO: Well, you did ask.

MATHEWS: It is being reported in America that you are against marriage equality. Is that why you feel that you can't be Pope?

BERGOGLIO: God chooses the Pope and God also made men and women different.

MATHEWS: But you are ...a conservative and oppose abortion!

BERGOGLIO: Friend the expression on your face gives you away.

MATHEWS: I'm sorry, I'm just trying to do my job.

BERGOGLIO: And what job is that?

MATHEWS: I've been sent to interview eight men in line for the papacy.

BERGOGLIO: And I guarantee you that they all oppose abortion. So?


BERGOGLIO: So, you feel like you need to alienate the eight from the flock?

MATHEWS: That isn't it. How can the church attract young people when it is opposed to abortion and contraception?

BERGOGLIO: Young people are just as attracted to the truth as they are convenience and expediency. So we will call it a draw.

MATHEWS: Doesn't the church need to modernize?

BERGOGLIO: Finally, I've met someone who will advocate publicly painting over the Sistine Chapel with one of the contemporary street artists. Are you sure you support this and in public?


BERGOGLIO: Forgive me, I was rude.

MATHEWS: Won't the new pope, don't these cardinals realize what they've gotta do if they want to attract young people to the church?

BERGOGLIO: I am a cardinal.

MATHEWS: Won't the new pope, don't you and the other cardinals realize what they must do if they want to attract young people to the church?

BERGOGLIO: I've explained the mysteries of the atom to rural young people and also I've explained the Grace of God. And you know what? They can understand both perfectly well. Frankly, I have more trouble with adults understanding both.

MATHEWS: But they have done focus groups; if you want to spread your message you can't have this position that's anti-gay marriage and anti-contraception.

BERGOGLIO: And you treat the church as a political institution.

MATHEWS: So we're not gonna see any kind of change when it comes to things that matter like abortion or gay marriage?

BERGOGLIO: All eight of the men you will be talking to are Catholic.

MATHEWS: Okay, I understand. Let's talk about your controversial stand on poverty.

BERGOGLIO: You want it to be controversial?

MATHEWS: But don't you blame various governments around the world for poverty?


MATHEWS: But you refuse to blame corporations for their role.

BERGOGLIO: Okay, they also told me you have a degree in economics. No buyer, or seller either, enters into any exchange against his will. It is the nature of the economy. Man is frail, and he makes mistakes and sometimes is greedy and they enter into exchanges that don't help them. Sometimes they become poor, but they made choices. There is nothing the Church can do except try to educate people to become good consumers. Chiefly, for me, it is an education solution on that side. And the Church has more schools around the globe than any other faith. I say teach the people to save their souls, and also teach them how not to become poor. And how not to allow the government to trick them into poverty.

MATHEWS: And you blame government.

BERGOGLIO: No, I blame the self-serving politicians.

MATHEWS: So your solution to poverty is to change the nature of politics?

BERGOGLIO: Please feel free to broadcast this: I don't want to be pope. Friend, you are a socialist and your friends are socialists. And you are the reason for 70 years of misery in Russia, and Europe now is seizing in pain from your policies. You believe in the redistribution of wealth and it makes entire populations poor. You want to nationalize everything and bring every human endeavor under your control. You destroy a man's incentive to take care of his very own family, a crime against nature and nature's God. You want social control over populations and incrementally you are making everything against the law. Together this ideology creates more poverty today than all the corporations you vilify have in the history of man.

MATHEWS: I've never heard such from a Cardinal. I'm not sure if you are here to help yourself or disqualify yourself.

BERGOGLIO: Please air this interview. People being dominated by socialists need to know we don't all have to be poor. Some poverty is part of our being cast out of the Garden of Eden. But look at the empire of dependency created by Hugo Chavez. Promising them, tricking them into worship of government and his very own person. Giving them fish but not allowing them to fish. If a fisherman does develop a talent today in Latin America, he is castigated and his catch stolen by the socialists. He stops?

MATHEWS: You would be the first pope from the Americas .

BERGOGLIO: He stops fishing. I will not be pope, but yes I am from Argentina .

MATHEWS: And you didn't want to be pope?

BERGOGLIO: God didn't want me to be pope.

MATHEWS: Perhaps he changed his mind.

BERGOGLIO: Ludicrous.

MATHEWS: Okay, I'm sorry. I feel like we are getting off on the wrong path. I'm sorry.

BERGOGLIO: Yes, let's be productive.

MATHEWS: You are a classic conservative Catholic theologian?

BERGOGLIO: Of course there's politics clearly in the Curia throughout the Vatican , but in terms of church teaching, it's not a political institution. It's religious.

MATHEWS: I heard people, in fact, media people, "Is this cardinal, is he a liberal? Is he a conservative?"

BERGOGLIO: Tell them please, He's a Catholic. It's no more complicated than that. Catholicism is what it is. You d on't have to believe it; you may not. You don't have to follow it; you may not go to Mass. But it's not up to you to modernize us.

MATHEWS: You see no room for reform?

BERGOGLIO: It's not up to any religion, although some do this, 'cause they want the money. They want the membership. But the Catholic Church doesn't do it. It's not up to them to bend and shape and mold itself to accommodate the shrinking depravity of a worldwide culture. It's to provide the exact opposite. It's to provide a beacon out of depravity, socialism and sin, among other things.

MATHEWS: If pope you would be bad news for the left.

BERGOGLIO: I won't be pope. But I am opposed to abortion. I'm opposed to euthanasia. The pro-choice movement is a culture of death. I oppose the demonic same-sex marriage. I oppose gay adoption on the grounds that it is discriminatory to the child. I was exiled by the Cristina Kirchner government, but I hold no grudge. How is this bad news?

MATHEWS: John Paul II rescued you?

BERGOGLIO: He made me the archbishop of Buenos Aires . Yes.

MATHEWS: And so you feel like you owe the Right some sort of repayment?

BERGOGLIO: There are many values and many types of people. Perhaps it is my interest in mathematics, but I'm the type of human who is interested most in the truth. God gave me a healthy love for the truth. Loyalty is only a virtue if in support of the truth or another important value.

MATHEWS: Cristina Kirchner said you held a grudge.

BERGOGLIO: Funny. I've never spoken her name. Not once. And it is a battle of ideas, not a battle of two or more people. I'm only concerned with ideas.

MATHEWS: She said you refused to speak up for civil rights violations.

BERGOGLIO: As a spiritual leader, I opposed cultural modernization, and so I became a political enemy. I understand politics as well as I do mathematics.

MATHEWS: And the Jesuits, they were eager to cast you out, which they did.

BERGOGLIO: So you are implying that I'm a vengeful priest?

MATHEWS: Do you feel that you need to erase the progress recently made in Latin America ?

BERGOGLIO: I say poverty. You say progress.

MATHEWS: Let's talk about poverty.

BERGOGLIO: Sure, there is voluntary poverty that is virtuous. Many understood the nobility of making themselves independent of the fleeting things of earth. They are distractions from our pursuit of the truth. I have no problem with this. I only oppose involuntary poverty.

MATHEWS: That is what I thought you would say.


MATHEWS: Because you are a capitalist, right?

BERGOGLIO: Yes, I think capital is needed to build a factory, a parochial school, or a church or hospital, all. Do you oppose factories or churches or hospitals?

MATHEWS: Of course not, but don't you think the capital is sucked out of peoples hands by greedy business types to pay for these factories?

BERGOGLIO: No, I think people agree, through their economic choices, that some of their money goes to build these. Capital building should be voluntary. Only when the politician confiscates their wealth, to build government factories, government schools, government hospitals; only then do the people not agree. Money given voluntarily is legitimate to build with. Money coerced from the people is not legitimate to build with, because it isn't given voluntarily.

MATHEWS: You are opposed to all government?

BERGOGLIO: No, of course not. But it isn't the seat of wisdom in any society I've seen in my life. The best government was created by the Americans, in which they admitted that people are endowed by their creator and most of the administration of society was left to the relationship between God and man. However, slowly that has been eroded by the atheists on the left, who would replace man's relationship with God with a new relationship with an opportunist like Hugo Chavez.

MATHEWS: I just found it fascinating that you were willing to stand up to an entire government in Argentina . You were cast aside. Didn't you care about your career?

BERGOGLIO: Yes, there are people who cave to worldly authority. Even priests.

MATHEWS: But you didn't?

BERGOGLIO: No, I changed nothing. How did I have the power to change anything in church teaching? My opinion? The democrats, seeking votes, only wanted me to change my opinion and legitimize their decadence. I did not, as evidenced by the fact that I was teaching high school math in small isolated town.

MATHEWS: I'm sorry that happened to you.

BERGOGLIO: Why don't you feel for others oppressed for their interest in freedom.

MATHEWS: Freedom isn't punished anywhere, is it?

BERGOGLIO: Certainly it is.

MATHEWS: In Latin America ?

BERGOGLIO: I'm afraid Latin America is lost. The people of the entire area are controlled by a bloc of militant socialist regimes in the region, most prominently Venezuela , Ecuador , Bolivia and Nicaragua . They have a gun pointed at their head. So their heart is now captured. Who will save them at this point?

MATHEWS: So the game is over. Checkmate?

BERGOGLIO: Friend, I've been studying America this month, before the Pope chose to resign. You must not have fear at speaking the truth. It is for the salvation of souls and the recovery of Thomas Jefferson's people. America must not fall to the new painted communism. Even the low information voters don't want America to be sold into slavery. I pray they cast out the money changers in their government! What manner of government is there that condones sin? Abomination upon abomination--giving monies for the murder of children, giving monies for the murder of the elderly! You are an American. Your government, my child, has been infiltrated by men of sin.

MATHEWS: These are pretty radical ideas.

BERGOGLIO: No. Perhaps reactionary. Radical means something different. But a very long time ago, Khrushchev warned, that we cannot expect Americans to fly from capitalism to communism, but we can assist their elected leaders in giving Americans small injections of socialism until they suddenly awake to find out they have Communism. This is what is happening now in an ancient bastion of freedom. How can America save Latin America when they are slaves to the government themselves?

MATHEWES: I'm having a hard time digesting most of this.

BERGOGLIO: The truth can be painful. You look angry; do you want to stop or ask a question? But you have created a new type of state, the so-called welfare state. This has happened in order to respond to the needs of the politically-created poor. However, intervening directly is depriving the original society of its responsibility. Families escape responsibility in the welfare state. And churches even escape responsibility. People stop giving to charity and see every poor person as the government's problem. I am a Catholic priest and there are no poor for me to take care of, they are made permanently poor and the property of the politicians.

MATHEWS: I'm not sure this interview is going to work.

BERGOGLIO: You asked and now you will listen, my son. The social assistance state leads to a loss of human energies and an inordinate increase of public agencies, which are dominated more by bureaucratic thinking than by real concern for helping people. Needs are best understood and satisfied by people who are closest to them who act as neighbors and parish members to those in need. It should be added that certain kinds of demands often call for a response which is not simply material but which is capable of perceiving the deeper human need. This is not to mention the welfare states excesses and  abuses.

MATHEWS: I think we are done.

BERGOGLIO: Wait. If I speak on the ordination of women, on celibacy, on divorce, will you air this interview and my message?

MATHEWS: No, we are done.

BERGOGLIO: Partially what irritates me to the core is the media's inability to look at anything without looking into the cause of the various problems. People are made poor so they will vote for the very candidates that made them poor.

MATHEWS: Have a nice day and thanks for your time.


taken it upon themselves to indebt their people to create an atmosphere of dependency. And why? For their own selfish need to increase their own personal power.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Fwd: Great Newspaper Editorial Piece


This is a great one...this fella brings up something that I had forgotten – the 38th parallel.

We have been protecting a border in Korea since the early 1950s but we cannot protect a border called the

Rio Grande in our back yard.  Why is that?

Below is an article from a small town newspaper that hits nail on the head.
Where is Tawas City, MI?
It is on Lake Huron and has a population of just over 2,000!!











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The Great Reset: Liberals Suddenly Realize Their Ideas Don't Work After All

Morning Jolt
. . . with Jim Geraghty
August 14, 2014
The Great Reset: Liberals Suddenly Realize Their Ideas Don't Work After All
Suddenly, we're experiencing the "Great Reset."
No, not this one . . .
We're experiencing the one where America's largely liberal political elites suddenly realize a lot of hard truths that many voices on the right have been saying all along: A U.S. troop presence in Iraq could help prevent chaos and genocide. Islamists want to reestablish a caliphate. Vladimir Putin is not a reasonable guy. The United Nations is useless. The worldview and policy solutions expressed by Barack Obama during his rise in 2007 and 2008 were hopelessly naïve.
Any day now, they'll suddenly realize Iran wants nuclear weapons and isn't likely to give them up at the negotiating table!
Doyle McManus of the Los Angeles Times breaks it to his readers that no, the Iraq War didn't really end; it just went on hiatus, and the American sabbatical just ended:
The Obama Doctrine, which has evolved through painful trial and error (see Libya and Syria), says the United States won't use military force except when vital U.S. interests are threatened. But the "vital interest" exceptions Obama has cited include international terrorism, other threats to U.S. citizens and genocide -- and all three are present in Iraq . . .
Indeed, the stakes in this war are immeasurably larger than the safety of Americans in Kurdistan (they could have been evacuated) or even the lives of thousands of Iraqi Yazidis on a mountain (although, yes, they deserved rescue too) . . .
Even without American boots on the ground, Obama has entered the United States in its fourth Iraq war. It won't be over quickly. As the president said, this is going to be a long-term project.
So if a U.S. presence in Iraq does turn out to be vital to U.S. national security and basic human decency requires us to do more than just stand by during a genocide . . . then maybe George W. Bush wasn't such a crazed warmonger after all, huh, liberals?
Ali Khedery attempts a pep talk for the president:
As a U.S. official, and now as an executive doing business in the Middle East, I have heard the same sentiment echoed privately by regional leaders for years. The reality is that your intended policy of benign neglect has actually proven to be one of malignant neglect and only strengthened our foes. But you still have 30 months left in office and there are vital American interests that need to be safeguarded -- and not just on a remote mountaintop filled with desperate, fleeing Yazidi civilians. It is time to put the pivot to Asia on the backburner and to refocus on the unfinished business at hand. It is time to reengage in the Middle East, lest its widening chaos destroy what is left of your presidential legacy.
Here's the problem: the Democratic base is functionally isolationist. Large swaths of Democratic primary voters do not want money spent overseas or troops deployed anywhere near Iraq. All of the Democratic officeholders' opportunistic demonization of the Iraq War from 2003 to 2008 has caught up with them; their base actually believed all of that stuff about neocons and oil companies and Halliburton and "imperial hubris." For the better part of a decade, Democrats insisted U.S. troops could leave Iraq and things would turn out fine for American interests.
As Ace put it, "Obama is essentially now in the position of fighting a war while pretending to not be fighting a war, because of The Base. That should go well for all of us!"
They don't take the threat of transnational jihad seriously enough, as demonstrated by President Obama's assessment of ISIS a few months ago, calling them the JV team," said Ali Khedery, referring to comments Obama made to The New Yorker magazine, comparing the militant group to a junior varsity basketball team.
"In reality, ISIS represents the most virulent form of Islamic jihad the planet has ever seen. These folks are not Muslims, they are animals, frankly. They are a group that is so vicious, and so blood-thirsty, and such a death cult, that even core al Qaeda leadership -- bin Laden's successors namely -- have disavowed them," Khedery said in an interview with CNN's "The Lead with Jake Tapper."
"And by doing nothing about it for months now, despite repeated warnings from the American intelligence community, what's happened now is the cancer has metastasized, and we have a major problem on our hands, a problem that threatens regional stability, and thus threatens global stability," he says.
"You don't need access to CIA and NSA (intelligence) to know that they are coming, and that another 9/11 is imminent unless we act decisively, quickly, and do it right now with our allies," said Khedery.
Well . . . damn.
French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius has a message about Iraq for Barack Obama: Get back to the White House and do something.
'I know it is the holiday period in our Western countries,' Fabius told a radio interviewer Tuesday in France,' but when people are dying, you must come back from vacation.'
Full-time workers in France are guaranteed a whopping five weeks of paid vacation every year, making his plea all the more urgent.
Obama is on a family and golfing holiday in a ritzy neighborhood of Martha's Vineyard but says he will come back to Washington briefly on Tuesday before returning to fun, sun, and more golf.
Ferguson, Missouri, Illuminating Long-Brewing Concerns about Militarized Police Forces
The militarization of police forces just became a big national issue. God knows what happened the night that set off this boiling controversy, but the pictures coming out of Missouri suggest a local police force is greeting an upset populace with an appearance and methods right out of a war film:
"Remain calm! All is well!"
You know, Ferguson, Missouri SWAT Team, maybe that approach is just pouring gasoline on the fire.
I like cops. They have a really tough job. But at a time when the locals are upset about a police shooting, don't trust the local authorities, and fear their local law enforcement have itchy trigger fingers . . . does this approach make the situation better or worse?
During this time, we asked the officers for badge numbers. We asked to speak to a supervising officer. We asked why we were being detained. We were told: trespassing in a McDonald's.
"I hope you're happy with yourself," one officer told me. And I responded: "This story's going to get out there. It's going to be on the front page of The Washington Post tomorrow."
And he said, "Yeah, well, you're going to be in my jail cell tonight."
Once at the station, we were processed, our pockets emptied. No mug shots. They removed our restraints and put us in a holding cell. Ryan was able to get ahold of his dad. I called my mom, but I couldn't get through. I couldn't remember any phone numbers.
We were in there for what felt like 10 or 15 minutes. Then the processing officer came in.
"Who's media?" he asked.
We said we were. And the officer said we were both free to go. We asked to speak to a commanding officer. We asked to see an arrest report. No report, the officer told us, and no, they wouldn't provide any names.
I asked if there would ever be a report. He came back with a case number and said a report would be available in a week or two.
"The chief thought he was doing you two a favor," he said.
Missouri's governor Jay Nixon is . . . quiet, to the point of absence.
Democrats Bet All Their Chips — Well, Almost All — on North Carolina
Here's the bad news: The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee just committed more than $9 million dollars to help Senator Kay Hagan in her reelection bid in North Carolina -- a big, big sum for a national committee in one state.
Here's the good news: The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee just committed more than $9 million dollars to help Sen. Kay Hagan -- meaning she must need it. You don't spend a sum like that willy-nilly.
The ad buy, the largest so far in North Carolina, would be paid out through the end of the campaign. It reflects both the outside interest in a race that will help decide control of the Senate and, some say, concern about Democratic incumbent Kay Hagan.
"It tells me a couple things," said Jennifer Duffy, an analyst with the Washington-based Cook Political Report. "One, that she really is in trouble. They're not going to spend that kind of money defending an incumbent who's in reasonably good shape.
"Two, they're going to do the negative ads because I don't think her approval ratings can take any more hits."
Brad Dayspring, spokesman for the National Republican Senatorial Committee, said the buy signals that Democrats have hit the "panic button."
"The DSCC very clearly believes that if Kay Hagan loses North Carolina, their majority is gone," he said in a release.
If you're the type who likes giving to campaigns, maybe you can throw some bucks at Thom Tillis, and help balance out the DSCC's big spending.

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