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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Liberal Politicians Common Pathology

Had a recent discussion with a liberal friend of mine (yup, rare breed) who insisted  he could never remember the Big Zero ever telling a lie. After I caught my breath, we spent several minutes discussing definitions of “prevarication” and “liar.” After a bit, even he began to see overwhelming  evidence our President is a pathological liar of Biblical proportions and our Senator McCaskill as nearly corrupt, professional Democrats.
We started with a review of BO’s birth, SS, education, travel, and political promises prior to his current post, all the voter frauds including ACORN, and SEIU and the campaign financing irregularities. He had to agree they were somewhat sketchy. We then ventured into his Noble Peace Prize for doing nothing,  the stimulus bills, the firing of GM CEO while taking over GM and AIG then giving large portions to the Autoworkers Union, his worldwide apology tour, his Healthcare program, if you like you doctor you can keep him, no death panels, Planned Parenthood, National Endowment for the Arts, his refusal to enforce the Defense of Marriage Act, Immigration Laws, filing lawsuits over immigration against various states. The there were the insults to our allies (Great Britain and Israel), debt upon debt upon debt and deficit spending causing a worldwide credit downgrade of US debts, cash for clunkers (which did wonders to raise the prices of good used cars), no budget submitted by either the Big O nor his Dem cronies (then Big O’s was a joke not even the Dem Senate would approve), the sudden pull down of troops in Iraq and Afghanistan announcing  specific dates for our pullout, calling the Ft.Hood Muslim Massacre of troops a mere workplace violence, calling the Boston Police stupid for having done what they were supposed to do, the Cap and Trade business, the offshore drilling moratorium, ignoring numerous court orders, ignoring Congress and saying they are worthless (I did grant that certain members really are worthless), going to war with Libya (which was threatening us in any way), aiding the Sudanese Government to kill its citizens, refusing the Keystone XL pipeline saying he needed more study (after his own DOE and State Dept. said it was OK), the continuous use of the US only having 2% of the worlds oil reserves when his DOE says it is more like 12-16% (that is 6 to 8 times as much as the Big O’s rhetoric) , his release of a forged Birth Certificate and selective service card (felonies), and all his communist friends whom he said he didn’t know despite photo records of his involvements.
I was prepared to go further since the records are extensive and proofs of his prevarications numerous but my liberal friend decided he’d had enough of Conservative insults and he was simply tired of having the truth thrown in his face so often. As nicely as I could, I reminded him that he’d started the conversation by denying the Big Zero ever lied and now he was trying to crawfish out of it by complaining about the truth, a typical Democrat ploy. After he huffed and puffed a bit more, he finally admitted BO had a problem with honesty but allowed as how all politicians lied all the time anyway so what was the big deal about the Big Zero?
Fact is, some people just will not admit they are wrong, made a mistake, or that their particular political “Savior” is anything less than a saint.

PL Booth, The BLue Eye View of MO, 3/15/12
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