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Wednesday, July 10, 2013


Tennessee State Militia/Guard has stopped DHS armored Vehicles from Kentucky
- Russians with DHS Eagle uniforms

UPDATE - 3/11/13 9:00 pm - My investigation and first hand reports of
Russians in E. Tn and much more, during my trip over the weekend to
Gatlinburg, Tennessee.

Tennessee State Militia/Guard.
The various units of the Tn. State Guard are listed here.

Let me explain the Tennessee State Guard first. 22 Governors got together
last year and created State Militia/Guards that can not be federalized as the
National Guards can be. They also did this due to the Federal government
taking the equipment from the National Guards and sending it over to Iraq and
Afghanistan. When the Governors have requested the equipment back for the
state the Federal government has said "It is too expensive to bring back."
The states have had to do without equipment for any emergencies of the
individual states.

3/5/13 9:14 am - Correction: The Tennessee State Guard has been around for a
few years.

The governors decided they would form their own State Militias/Guards that
can not be controlled by the federal government at any time and they are
strictly under the State control along with all the equipment purchased.

The person who contacted me, did so due to my article about the DHS armored
vehicles and the picture I took of one when I was in Kentucky.

Edit - 7:00am 3/8/13 - I have edited the content that was here, due to people
getting in trouble about releasing this information. Even though it is a
State Government entity it is still a government entity and they are very
upset this information was released to me. I have taken off the email
contents and references. But I stand by the information of Russian DHS
personnel transporting these vehicles. Truth gets people upset when they
would prefer for it to be hidden.

They told me that the uniforms were not typical DHS uniforms but they had
Eagles on their sleeves and it was stressed these were different DHS uniforms
than regular ones. The Russian/Eastern troops were not armed that were in the
DHS uniforms and they were very polite to the State Militia. They were
stopped from coming into Tennessee. This person told me that in Gatlinburg,
Tennessee people are reporting being questioned and stopped by DHS that are

I wrote about how I found out the Smoky Mountains are part of the UN last
year, as most of our National Parks, including the Grand Canyon, Statue of
Liberty, etc. after I saw a plaque (took pictures of it) at Newfoundland Gap
last year.

I have to wonder if Russian UN/DHS troops are now being placed around the
Smoky Mountains.

I have researched and found what could be the Military installation that the
armored vehicle came from pictured in the area of Kentucky, I saw them. It is
The Bluegrass Army Chemicals installation of 14600 acres. That installation
has 523 tons of Nerve Chemical weapons. It is also a possible FEMA camp. It
has a very strange layout. All of that information is in the video. [1]

Navy's Electromagnetic Motors for Aircraft Carriers (EMALS). New "Energy
Weapons". New Energy technology. (Pictures I captured of shipment)

I captured pictures of a truck traveling through Knoxville, Tennessee at 5:45
PM 3/8/13 with an obvious military shipment. I wondered what the contents of
the boxes could be. Were they filled with part of that 2 billion ammo

Here are the pictures I captured of the shipment. The truck had a Texas
license plate, but the truck was on I-40/I-75 heading west.

military electromagnetic motors/Energy weapons shipment

I got an up close of the writing on the boxes to try and figure out what the
shipment was.

After doing a couple of searches I found out the shipment is Electromagnetic
motors for the Navy's aircraft carriers. They are replacing the steam
catapult/arresting systems on aircraft carriers with electromagntic motors.
The new motors will be able to catapult any type plane from a carrier and
recover it. They are "EMALS" for short reference.

The guide above is how I figured out what the shipment was in the first place
by reading and earching for the code meanings of the up close code written on
the crates. One search I used was "code PMA 251" from the boxes. That is how
I came up with the discovery of them being electromagnetic motors.

Here is a website from the Navy with pictures/schematics and fact sheet about
their purchase of Electromagnetic motors.

Computer-generated design of a complete one-wire Advanced Arresting Gear
system schematic.

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